Nutritional Counseling with our Meridian Chiropractor

Our Meridian chiropractors want you to feel your best. We use a variety of chiropractic care treatment options to ease your pain, improve your injury recovery, help you with weight loss and to enhance your overall well-being. Our chiropractors and our health team at Spinal Dynamics offer nutritional counseling to support your goals and health. Our support team uses natural methods to improve your nutritional intake. Our drug-free approach ensures that you will not experience side effects. Instead, your body uses the essential nutrients to heal, grow and keep you strong. Dr. Danielle Sartin, Dr. Scott Smith and our health team encourage you to use nutritional counseling as part of your alternative health care. We support you throughout your journey and show you where to make simple changes that are easily incorporated into your current lifestyle.

The Ideal Protein Weight Loss Method with our Meridian Chiropractor

Our Meridian chiropractors Dr. Danielle Sartin and Dr. Scott Smith, provide nutritional counseling to enhance your well-being. Our team uses a variety of dietary approaches including 'Standard Process', a 21 day purification program to boost your results. We show you which foods support your injury recovery and dietary needs, while educating you on which foods to avoid that may lead to an increase of pain and inflammation. For example, some foods are migraine triggers. When you avoid these foods, your migraine pain and episodes are lessened. Other foods increase inflammation which causes an increase in symptoms from conditions such as fibromyalgia. When you learn to eliminate these foods from your diet, your inflammation decreases and so does your pain. If you are recovering from an injury, your body may require more of certain nutrients to promote cellular repair and healing. The Ideal Protein Weight Loss Method relies on the majority of your calories from proteins to increase muscle tissue, boost metabolism and reduce inflammation. Following the experienced guidance of our chiropractors, your nutritional plan matches your unique health needs and wellness goals.

Call Today for Guided Nutritional Counseling at Spinal Dynamics

If you struggle with determining which foods you need for proper health and nutrition, let our Meridian chiropractors, Dr. Sartin and Dr. Smith, develop a personalized nutritional plan for you. Using your health history, current conditions and analyzing your future goals, we show you which foods and nutrients support your progress. Nutritional intake is not to be left to chance. Unfortunately, the body may crave unhealthy foods and we can show you how to overcome these cravings by eating the correct amount of balanced calories. When you eat foods in moderation to supply healthy nutrition and calories, you discover how easy it is to meet your health and weight loss needs. Our team supports you throughout your journey and continues to motivate your progress. You do not have to travel this path alone. Let our knowledge and results guide you. To begin your nutritional counseling sessions, please call us today at 208-888-0055.

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